Hong Kong

SENFU SEAFOODS GROUP has engaged in seafood trading business for a long period. We are importing and exporting various kinds of seafood products around the world. The main products we dealing with are live lobster and crab, which we airlifts into our markets in Far East like Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Japan.

Apart from supplying live lobster and crab, SENFU SEAFOODS GROUPí»s product range includes a wide variety of fresh, frozen and processed seafoods, such as fish, eel (Anguilla Mossambica & Marmorata), clam, mussel, conch, oyster and geoduck, etc. Specially processed products like fishmaw, seacucumber and abalone.
2B Complex, Roberston Quay
Since we began our seafood business in 1996, we have acquired a good reputation in our suppliers around the world, especially in Africa. Vast investment such as Finance, Equipment and Technique, have been done for our fishermen in Africa for many years. All these efforts made enable us to get the stable stocks from suppliers.

Through many years effort from our dedicated management and staff, we have established both a comprehensive sell-outlet system and valuable customers network in Far East.


Now we are searching for more seafood suppliers that can offer us excellent products with a competitive price to meet our customerí»s rapidly growing demands.

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